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Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring


Many of us are inherently drawn to the beauty of glossy hardwood flooring, but the fact remains that hardwood isn’t always the best fit. Depending on your budget, lifestyle, or intended setting, you might want to consider an alternative. Never fear: we have an alternative that won’t ever feel like a compromise in luxury vinyl plank. Made to capture all of your favorite, authentic hardwood visuals, luxury vinyl plank can be used in all types of interior settings.  At Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home, you’ll find a wide variety of lovely, long-wearing luxury vinyl plank to add polish and practicality to your favorite places.


Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank


While directly comparing natural hardwood to a synthetic product isn’t quite fair, there are definitely some compelling reasons to pick vinyl plank.  Certain rooms, including your kitchen and bathroom, are prone to moisture and spills, making them inhospitable to hardwood. Real hardwood floors will definitely shrink or expand when exposed to moisture, whereas luxury vinyl plank is made to manage your day’s challenges with grace. Thanks to photo-realistic imaging, luxury vinyl plank looks like all your favorite hardwood species, but make no mistake: these planks won’t ever need nails, sanding, or staining.


Caring for Luxury Vinyl Plank


Designed for life in motion, luxury vinyl plank is compatible for households with little kids, pets, and limited schedules to devote to maintenance. Luxury vinyl flooring is extremely low-maintenance, and readily resists everyday accidents, moisture, dust, and mildew. Truly, only an occasional sweep or damp mop is all that’s needed to keep up with this synthetic sensation.


Where to Use Luxury Vinyl Plank


Where will YOU install luxury vinyl plank? Truthfully, this flooring works great in any interior space. In fact, it can even go on your walls. Affordable, easy-keeping, and always offered up in your favorite styles, we won’t judge you if you opt to install luxury vinyl throughout your home.



Are you interested in further exploring our inventory of luxury vinyl plank flooring and many other stunning hardwood alternatives? Start browsing our luxury vinyl brands online now visit us in Northridge, CA today to check out our product displays.

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