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Karastan Carpets & Rugs

Best Carpet Brands


It Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home, we take pride in having the best quality flooring products. If you aren’t getting the best flooring options then what’s the point? With a wide selection of carpet brands available, Karastan Carpet and Rugs continue to be a favorite among homeowners. When it comes to premiere flooring, Karastan takes the cake. Karastan Carpet and Rugs are of the highest quality. Their elegance will impress and their durability makes for easy living. At Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home, we are proud to offer Karastan Carpets & Rugs. Learn why Karastan is a top pick for many homeowners.


Best Carpet for Pets and High Traffic


The best feature to Karastan Carpets & Rugs is that they aren’t made for just one particular homeowner. For instance, the All Pet Protection & Warranty from Karastan is designed to withstand stains, spills, accidents, and odors while continuing to provide softness. Karastan Carpet and Rugs are considered to be the best of the best. Karastan is offered refereed as the premiere carpet brand. Though Karastan has a lot of high expectations to live up to, this carpet and rug brand sets the standards for all soft surface floors.


Pet Stain Resistant Carpet


Karastan is known for its sustainability and reliability. Each carpet and rug is created with quality backing and finishes, craftsmanship, and strong carpet fibers. The high density of the pile yarn as well as the closeness of weaves helps protect the carpet against spills and accidents. In addition, the carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for a more defined look and greater performance against the everyday wear and tear.



Karastan Carpets & Rugs are made to withstand active families, but what truly makes it a premiere brand is its structure and details. You are able to choose between a woven or tufted structure to obtain the style you wish to accomplish in your home. Also, the intricate details, and subtle colors create a rich look that won’t be distracting to the home. 


High Quality Carpet Brands


Karastan is a reliable and sustainable soft surface provider. The carpet and rugs are known for their high quality backing, finishes, craftsmanship, strong fibers, and density. However, you may be wondering how this is done. Karastan carpets and rugs have a high pile yarn and close weaves. Additionally, the carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for a more defined look and stronger performance.


Different Types of Carpet Flooring


Karastan offers gorgeous finishes for both its carpet and rug products. You are even able to pick between a woven or tufted structure. If you are trying to find a specific color, pattern, or texture, your vision for your home will be met with a Karastan floor. 



Karastan offers a variety of options, including wool carpets, to fit your style and needs. To learn more about Karastan Carpets & Rugs, as well as the available collections, contact Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home or visit our showroom in Northridge, CA. 






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