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Carpet in Northridge, CA

Carpet continues to be one of our favorite home tradition-trappings, and with its unmatched ability to adapt, nothing completes your space quite like a new carpet does. Warm, cozy, and transformative, modern carpet is a stunning addition to all types of interiors.



You’ll discover all the latest carpet innovations at Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home in Northridge, CA. Our collection of carpet flooring offers up something for everyone, with all the leading carpet brands represented. Among our current inventory are incredible carpet selections by LEES, Tigressá, and Innovia, among others. If you’re considering new carpet, here’s what you need to know.


Carpet Types


Today, carpet varieties are made to suit nearly any need, any style scenario, and all budget ranges. Whether you need something that can coexist peacefully with your pet poodle or can withstand the constant foot traffic of a large family, some carpets are your perfect fit. While carpet shopping, you’ll want to pay close attention to shared characteristics, like pile type and backing, as these will determine how your new rug will function.



Carpet pile, also known as fiber, is a major determining factor in long-term performance. For instance, polyester and nylon fibers – both synthetics- are known for durability and extreme softness. On the other hand, natural fibers like wool are rougher to the touch but are lauded by people with allergies and those who prefer a simplified housekeeping plan.



Nylon pile carpet is among the softest family of products available, but there’s a lot more to love about it. Your nylon carpeting is pre-treated to resist staining, as well as sun-fading. While pricier than other synthetics, nylon is a favorite for many different property owners. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that looks and feels like nylon. Polyester tends to be more budget-friendly than nylon but has historically been less durable. However, that is gradually changing, and today there are polyester carpets made with resilience in mind.



Triexta is truly the stain-fighting superstar of the synthetic carpet world. Offering formidable stain resistance, along with the ability to handle heavy foot traffic, triexta is a natural fit for commercial settings. It’s often used in corporate board rooms, hotel lobbies, and other areas prone to hard use. Olefin/polypropylene is a synthetic pile used to create ornate patterns, both trendy and traditional. Olefin rugs are stunning to look at, but they aren’t made with heavy usage in mind. These bold carpets are best kept in quiet spaces, like your formal living room.

Wool is nature-derived fiber that many feel is well worth its hefty investment. Sustainable and seriously durable, wool pile is inherently moisture resistant while keeping its color. It’s favored by those who live with allergies or asthma, since it acts as a natural filter by removing harmful air particles.


Carpet Installation


Walking barefoot on lush, supple carpet is a feeling that never gets old, and we completely understand your eagerness to get your new carpet safely in place. As carpet flooring continues to peak in popularity, demand for products and services has kept a steady tempo, with more and more of our residential and commercial consumers rushing to bring their vision to reality. But hold on for just one moment: did you know that an improperly installed carpet can, frankly, wear out well before its time?

Since your carpet represents a significant investment, we urge you to handle the next steps with care. An improperly installed carpet could ultimately prove ineligible for warranty coverage, so it simply makes sense to call on our in-house installation team, rather than attempting to go it alone.



Carpet flooring still isn’t a standard option for your kitchen or bathroom but rest assured- there many incredible carpet choices for nearly anywhere else under your roof. A growing number of waterproof and stain-resistant carpets make it easy to enjoy your favorite looks and textures, even if you have small children or pets at home. As always, our flooring specialists will work closely with you to ensure you find the perfect carpet for your space, budget, and schedule.


Our Carpet Selection


Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of the world’s most prolific independent flooring cooperative. With our incredible range of product options like carpet remnants, and localized services, it pays to shop small and shop local. Please visit us soon at 19601 Parthenia Street in Northridge, CA, to browse our latest carpeting displays.



Carpet Care

Carpet Care

With these simple maintenance tips, your space will retain its beauty and warmth for years to come.