Voyager Hardwood

Provides an array of hardwood species, including bamboo flooring

Voyager Hardwood Flooring

How many people can say that they have exotic wood floors in their home? How many people can say their exotic wood floors retained their beauty after years of use? You may find a few hardwood providers that are capable, but the Voyager hardwood collection at Finmark Carpet One ensures a hardwood floor that you can count on.

The Voyager collection offers a variety of styles, species, and collections. Nonetheless, the most notable collection is the Voyager Bamboo Flooring Collection. Voyager takes pride in offering eco-friendly flooring as well as harvesting wood using sustainable practices. This makes Voyager a feel-good choice. In addition, bamboo is a renewable natural resource and is also considered to be incredibly durable. Having this Voyager collection in your home will provide an exotic and unique look.

Bamboo Flooring

If bamboo flooring doesn’t reflect your personal style, Voyager offers standout styles that are both attractive and sustainable. You can choose from a hardwood species imported from around the world and pick a finish. No matter your budget or style, Voyager hardwood has designer and classic looks for your home. 

Voyager Hardwood Benefits

Besides Voyager’s many options, its cork underlayment provides quieter, warmer, and allergy-resistant floors. Having hardwood floors on the second or third story can make a lot of noise below. Hearing every footstep upstairs can get incredibly annoying, but Voyager’s cork underlayment creates a sound barrier so that you won’t be hearing those footsteps so distinctively. This cork underlayment also provides the durability needed to stand up to spills and messes. There is no need to worry about liquids seeping through the cracks due to the tight fit planks and cork underlayment. 

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Expert Advice on Hardwood

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