Top Rated Carpet Brands

Lees, Tigressa, Innovia, Karastan, Fabrica, & Stainmaster

Top Rated Carpet Brands

There is nothing like a soft carpet. Carpet adds a warm feel and comfort to a room, and with more color options, you can create a unique look to your home. Though carpet is softer than hardwood, it doesn’t mean it is less durable. These top flooring brands have pushed the status quo with their style and high performance. 

Stain Resistant Carpet

Lees carpets are known for their stain resistance and laid back appearance. Lees repels liquids 4x faster than traditional carpets, which makes clean-ups a breeze. Another notable feature is Lees 25 year “No Exclusions” Ultra25 Stain warranty. No matter what stain appears on your Lees Carpet, you are covered. 

Waterproof Carpet 

Tigressa offers the Tigressa  SoftSytle, Cherish, and H20 collections. Though each collection provides unique features, all Tigressa carpets use tightly woven nylon fibers to maintain their softness and strength. If you are looking for a stronger carpet, the Tigressa H20 collection is 100% waterproof. Tigressa collections are inspired by different looks, including exotic and nature and are one of the softest carpets available. 

What is the Best Carpet for Dogs?

Stainmaster Bigelow is one of the most noted Stainmaster collections. Stainmaster is known as one of the most trust carpet brands in North America and has built its reputation on stain and soil resistance. The Bigelow collection is safe for pets and kids due to the LotusFX shield and Nylon 6.6 fibers which are designed to resist fading, stains, and wear. 

Best Carpet Brand for Living Rooms

Fabrica carpets and rugs have set a high standard. Considered to be the “best in class,” Fabrica prides itself on providing high-quality carpets without having to compromise. With a Fabrica carpet, you are getting timeless looks and beautiful colors. Choose from nylon or wool carpets that offer both subtle and bold designs.  

Best Carpet Brand

Karastan carpets are extremely reliable and sustainable due to their quality backing, strong carpet fibers, and high density. The craftsmanship of each carpet is hard to miss, and you are able to choose between a woven or tufted structure. Also, Karastan Carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for a defined look and stronger performance. 

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