Lees Carpets

Stain resistant and pet friendly carpets

Lees Carpet

You can’t replace the feeling of coming home, kicking off your shoes, and walking across your comfy, warm, and soft carpet. However, overtime you may come to find that your favorite carpet has become worn, and the stains from your pets and kids are becoming more prominent. If that is the case, don’t give up on having a carpet. It just means it is time to give up on your traditional carpet and upgrade to Lees. 

Best Carpet for Pets and High Traffic

Lees carpets are made to withstand the spills and messes, even if they may be a daily occurrence. Lees is considered to be one of the toughest carpet brand available, and for good reason. Lees carpets repel liquids 4x faster than traditional carpets, so those daily accidents won’t be a big deal anymore. Lees stain resistance makes for easier cleaning and puts less stress on you. 

Lees unbeatable protection goes hand in hand with its patented ExtraLoc backing. This backing has double the density of standard carpet constructions, and offers greater stability and dimensional strength. 

Stain Resistant Carpet

Having unbeatable protection and strength makes Lees a standout among its competition. However, what really separates Lees from other carpets brands is its warranty. Lees offers a 25 year “No Exclusions” Ultra25 Stain Warranty. This means that no matter what type of stain turns up on your Lees carpet, you will be covered. 

If you love having a carpet floor in your home, but worry about your family ruining it for you, upgrade to Lees and see how its unbeatable protection will save you time, and money on cleaning products. 

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