Invincible Hardwood

Sustainable, Durable, & Stylish

“Outperforming The Competition In Beauty, Strength, and Durability” 

With Invincible in its name, you have to assume that Invincible Hardwood is tough. And it lives up to its name by exceeding hardwood flooring expectations. Invincible is an exclusive Carpet One brand, so you won’t be finding it at those big box stores. Invincible Hardwood’s Intensity Surface Shield, Tru-Grain Sealant, and Plankperfect milling makes it a hardwood floor you don’t just want, but need. 

Intensity Surface Shield

Invincible Hardwood offers an authentic look that brings out the natural features of the hardwood. The natural distinction won’t fade away with time due to the Intensity Surface Shield. Constructed with layers of aluminum oxide and infused with nano-particles, the hardwood is able to resist scratches, scuffs, and wear. Having a strong surface allows you to live on your floors, and not have to worry about what your hardwood floors will look like in a few years. Invincible Hardwood will continue to look pristine with years of use.


Invincible Hardwood’s Intensity Shield works hand in hand with the Tru-Grain sealant for extra protection. This sealant provides clarity to the hardwood by enhancing the colors, and natural textures. The knots and grain of the hardwood creates a rich feel and authentic look for your home.


At Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home, we take pride in always installing your floors perfectly, and Invincible Hardwood has made our job that much easier with their innovative computerized sawing and laser cutting system. This milling technique ensures that the hardwood has a tighter tongue and grooved fit. That way dust, dirt, liquids, etc., won’t seep beneath the floor. 

If you desire rich hardwood in your home, but need extra assurance that it will stand the test of time, then upgrade to Invincible Hardwood.

To learn more about Invincible Hardwood, and other Invincible flooring products, contact Finmark Carpet One Floor & Home today. Or, visit our showroom in Northridge, CA.