LVT flooring has become a popular alternative to real hardwood and stone. With more realistic textures and styles, and resiliency, homeowners are making the switch. However, one brand surpasses them all with its advanced installation method, waterproof seal, and eco-friendly materials. COREtec Plus has become the celebrity among LVT brands and is continuing to raise the standards. 

How is COREtec Installed?

The installation method for COREtec Plus floors is revolutionary for LVT. Instead of being glued down or using solid locking, COREtec Plus is a floating floor and can be installed over any existing floor inconsistencies. The cork underlayment to COREtec Plus will even out your floors and will provide a quieter and warmer hard surface floor. 

Is COREtec Waterproof?

COREtec Plus floors can also be installed over any wet area without expanding or contracting. You may be wondering how this is possible. The answer is its waterproof structure, which also happens to be eco-friendly. COREtec Plus consists of recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC, which create a waterproof barrier. As a result, COREtec Plus will not expand or contract and can be installed over any wet areas. 

There are many styles and choices to the COREtec Plus collection:
  • COREtec Plus 5” Plank: Provides the traditional hardwood flooring look

  • COREtec Plus 7” Wide Plank : A time worn appearance for a rustic or urban look

  • COREtec Plus Tile: Provides the natural look of stone by offering the decors of slate, stone, travertine, marble, and concrete.

  • COREtec Plus XL: 9’ wide and 6’ long planks

  • COREtec Plus HD: Provides realistic visuals of real hardwood with its 4 side painted micro bevel edge.

  • COREtec Plus Design: Comes in multi-tone and multi-width plank and tiles.

  • COREtec One: The traditional hardwood or exotic look

No matter what style you choose to go with, COREtec Plus has the floor that will fit your home best. Additionally, you will get all the looks of real hardwood floors, but without the hefty price tag and with more durability.

To learn more about COREtec Plus, contact Finmark Carpet One or visit our showroom in Northridge, CA.